Eurostars is the largest international funding programme for SMEs wishing to collaborate on R&D projects that create innovative products, processes or services for commercialisation.

Datum objave: 20.01.2022
Rok za oddajo: 24. March 2022 and 15. September 2022
Višina sofinanciranja: Depending on national rules, i.e. between 40% – 80%


Your project consortium must have partners (independent legal entities) based in at least two different countries participating in the Eurostars programme. The main project partner must be an R&D-performing SME.

Organisations in non-participating countries (own funding) can still join a Eurostars consortium if there are two members from different participating countries.


At least 50% of total project budget (excluding subcontracting) must come from the SME. If there is more than one R&D-performing SME in the consortium, their combined budgets must equal at least 50% of your total project budget.

  • No single organisation can be responsible for providing more than 75% of the total project budget
  • No participants from any one country can be responsible for providing more than 75% of the total project budget


  • Personnel costs
  • Travel
  • Materials (consumables)
  • Other (depreciation equipment, land use)
  • Subcontracting (limited %)
  • Overheads (20%)

Eligible R&D activities: Industrial research and experimental development.


Depending on national rules, i.e. between 40% – 80%

Example project PARTNERSHIP and BUDGET

  • SME lead participant (Slovenia, co-funding up to 50%)
  • Large company as partner (Spain, co-funding up to 40%)
  • Research centre as partner (Austria, co-funding up to 40%)

= 1 million in average


Your Eurostars project must research or develop new products, processes or services with commercialisation in mind. To encourage progress towards commercialisation, the Eurostars programme sets deadlines:

  • Projects must be completed less than 36 months after the project start date
  • Market introduction (or the start of clinical trials) must be planned within 24 months of the project’s completion

Expected Project Output: Innovative, marketable new product, process or service.

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